Mitchell Starc’s legal fight for $1.5 million IPL payout takes a new twist

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Insurers continue to play hardball over the $1.53 million Mitchell Starc is demanding for missing the 2018 IPL through injury.

Lawyers representing Starc’s insurer say the leg fracture that held him from earning the mega-deal two years ago was not a “sudden or unexpected event”, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Mitchell Starc was acquired in the 2018 auction by (KKR) Kolkata Knight Riders for $1.8 million, but he was unable to play due to a right tibial bone injury he got during the ill-fated tour of South Africa in March that year.

In new reports lodged in the Victorian County Court in late February and seen by Sydney Morning Herald, Starc’s defending lawyers deny that Starc experienced “a fracture of his right tibial bone”, as the bowler claims.

Clyde and Co lawyers — representing the syndicate of Lloyd’s of London Starc is suing — also deny the fast bowler’s injury was “within the meaning of the policy on 10 March 2018”.

The lawyers don’t argue that Starc was uninjured altogether but claim his problems were an “accumulation of a series of accidents and/or traumas” from before buying his policy.
“Prior to 10 March 2018, the plaintiff placed and accumulated stress upon his right tibial bone by … training for and playing in the first Test … held on 1 to 5 March 2018, training for the second Test … and playing in the first day of the second Test,” the amended defence argues, according to the publication.

“Subsequent to 10 March 2018, the plaintiff placed and accumulated stress upon his right tibial bone by playing in the third and fourth days of the second Test … and training for and playing in the third Test of the Test series held on 22 to 25 March 2018.”

Mitchell Starc claims that his injury concerns didn’t start until during the second Test when “uneven footmarks” led to problems with his right calf.

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